Passion and roots are two reasons; we will make the experience great. Having roots in the North East, makes us a certified experts at we do and we engage the best of our resources to put you on a path of unique discovery. At Eastern Voyages; our endeavor has been to deliver the greatest stories of North East into a spell bounding book.

Here’s are some glances at how we do things differently.

Personalized Experience

Great care and research has gone into designing our itinerary. Each one of you is a preferred customer and your interests are addressed singularly. The entire experience puts you on a path of self-discovery and the rewards become blessings of your life.

Fraud Prevention

Rest assured that you are insured of any fraud. This is because of our discretion in choosing our local partners and arranging for foolproof security at all the places you will be visiting or staying.

Personal Phone

After all you will be visiting some exotic and remote regions. It’s only natural that connectivity is of paramount importance. A personal phone with all important nos will be with you at all times.

24/7 Concierge

Help is at hand 24/7 to answer your query, to deal with your luggage and help with any eventuality that may arise on the journey. Feel free to soak in all other things on the road. Let us handle the rest

Destination Expertise

Every destination on your itinerary is chosen with care to give you a unique experience. Being from the same place; allows us to choose very well giving you the best of offer.

Bespoke Luxury

Luxury is a big thing. While we give you the best of North East experience; there is no compromise on the luxury. Stay in the most comfortable of places curated by hospitality experts and be pampered with the best of amenities at hand.


Eastern Voyagers is founded by four working professionals who are strongly connected over their shared passion for travel and adventure. Their motivation to form Eastern Voyagers stems from their experience of working, living and travelling in Asia for many years.

True entrepreneurs at heart, they wanted to share their passion for travel in a way that paid homage to their North East Indian roots. Eastern Voyagers is the result – an active travel company that presents the best of what North East India has to offer in a truly authentic way. A region least known and most culturally distinct from the rest of India.

Eastern Voyages is about delivering to its clients a personalized experience over anything else in their travel itineraries. Where travelers can completely customize their own experience be it the rural life, art, culture, heritage or picturesque landscape. An experience so authentic they can’t find anywhere.