Arunachal Pradesh That You Must Explore

Nestled in the bosom of the mighty Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is a gem that has not received as much attention from travelers across the world compared to other destinations.
Along with diverse traditions and cultural richness, the state also has the highest number of regional languages in India. The unique topography of the state has created many valleys and trekking routes for the adventure-loving people.
Arunachal Pradesh has some of the most thrilling trekking routes across the world. The abundant flora and fauna of the state add life in the trekking routes of the state.

If you are one of the travelers, who does not mind a bit of trekking to witness the exotic beauty of nature, keep on reading. In this article, we have talked about the most interesting and thrilling trekking routes of the state. Check it out.

Talley Valley Trek

The stark white glaciers, emerald green meadows and the dazzling vegetation make Talley valley one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places of Arunachal Pradesh. A wide array of different plant species and exotic wildlife offers the trekkers an exceptional experience.

Located about 2400 meters above sea level, the Talley valley offers a sweeping view of the snow-peaked mountain range that surrounds the area. The spread of the valleys and green paddy field you get to see from the valley creates a glorious panorama.

Even though the trek is not that easy, it is, no doubt, one of the most popular ones. The nine-day long expedition starts from Guwahati and then continues through Ziro, Tezpur, and Pange. The trekking trail ends at the Talley Valley, which is one of the most enchanting biodiversity hotspots of the country. To walk through this trail, you should visit Arunachal Pradesh during May-June. It is the best time to trek through the whole route without facing many difficulties.

Bailey Trail

If you are a history buff or want a different experience in your trek, choose this one. Bailey Trail is a historic route used by the British officers, Col. F.M. Bailey and Captain H.T.Morshed. These two British officers were commissioned for surveying the land stretching between the states of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh during 1911-12. The history of Bailey trail, however, is also associated with the old trade histories of the local tribes. According to the historians, it was the route that connected India, Burma and Tibet.

Right now, the trail continues through a thick patch of forest which could offer some exciting experience to the trekkers. The breathtaking and exquisite view of the surrounding landscapes of this trekking route is simply extraordinary. While walking through this route, you can see some of the highest peaks of Eastern Himalayas, named Kangto and Gorichen.

The trail continues through the Monpa tribe villages, pristine lakes and glacial rivers. You also will need to walk through the Sela pass, which is also the highest point of this trekking route about 4550 meters above the sea level. You will also pass the Dirang River valley, located at about 2530 meters above the sea level.
While passing through the Tse la Pass and Tawang, the trekkers would also see the true and untouched beauty of mother nature. Not only that, this unique trek will help you to know the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the local tribal villages of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ziro Trek

In the last few years, Ziro valley has gained significant popularity among travelers across the world. However, only a handful of people are aware that there is an exciting trekking route that helps the travelers experience the beauty of the valley better.
The little hill station Ziro offers trekking and other adventurous activities to the travelers. The undulating terrains and the lush green forests create a stunning experience for the trekkers.

While traversing through the trail, you get to see the sweeping view of the breathtaking Ziro valley. Along with that, you get to see the magnificent Kardo Hills and the 25ft long Shiva Lingam, situated on the Kardo Hills.

This trekking route also bypasses the abode of the endangered and infamous snow leopards. If you are lucky, you can get a glimpse or two of the magnificent animals in their elements. Ziro is also home to thousands of rare plant species and bird species. These days, scientists are finding new bird and plant species from the unexplored parts of Arunachal Pradesh almost every year.

Mechuka Trek

If time is not a big factor for you, then you should try this thrilling trek that this state offers. Mechuka Trek is not for the faint-hearted. This trek will challenge you at every point while you follow the trail for 15-20 days.

The trekking route starts from Ziro and continues through the twisting mountainous region. Mostly unexplored trail of Mechuke is weaved through the meandering rivers, the breathtaking hillocks and the lazily grazing horses and cows.
while walking on this route, you will get to see some of the most breathtaking bird’s eyes views of the villages and valleys that are situated at the foothills of the mountains.

The name Mechuka means the land of medicinal water. If you follow the trail, you will get to see the river that is behind the name. The Yargyap Chu river that continues through the Mechuka forest somehow creates a meditative and pleasant feel among people. That is why this region is named so.

The trek will also give you an up-close and personal experience with China. The border is very close to the trail, and you can see the mountains and forests that fall under the Chinese territory.

While there are some hard parts in this trail, it also takes you to some of the lovely tribal villages, where you will get to mix with local people to understand their history, heritage and way of life. You will also be able to visit the 400 years old Samten Yongcha monastery that you will find while walking through the trail.

The rejuvenating experience and the paradisiacal scenery make this route a must visit for all the brave heart and adventure-lover travelers out there.

Gorichen Base Camp Trail

It is also a long trail covering the high and low region of Arunachal Pradesh. The 15-20 days long trek is definitely one of the most arduous expeditions that this state offers. The journey starts from Jang and ends at Tawang, where you can visit the second largest monastery in Asia. The trekking routes cross through the unblemished lakes, vast green fields and offer exotic views of the majestic mountains. The best thing about this trek is that it teases the trekkers with some of the still unclaimed peaks of Eastern India.

There is no doubt that the tranquil, green and beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh is a marvel to every traveler. While Arunachal has something in store for each type of travelers, it is the trekkers who get the best gifts. If you love adventure and trekking, and are ready to form a bond with mother nature, you should try one of the excellent trekking trails that this state has in store.

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